Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What I like about Tuesday and Wednesday

   I like Tuesdays because that it is the day our week really gets going, since our Mondays are like most peoples Saturdays. We usually do a lot of cleaning and laundry and I cook a "meat and Potatoes" kind of meal. The girls have piano so that usually gives me about 30 mins to either go in Goodwill or Dollar Tree.
It is normally a busy day but it also gives a good feeling of accomplishment! During the summer we have been watching some kind of movie or show together at night . These are mostly from the library or Netflix. 
 I like Wednesdays because we get to go to church! I always enjoy the laid back atmosphere of Wednesday night services. It is also when our church family shares more of there prayer request and we have a time of prayer. 
  I also check out all the sales ads and make my menus and shopping list for my grocery shopping trip on Thursday! It is fun to see what the deals are. I like planning the meals based on sales and what will be going on the next week. Lately, I have been trying to cook something new each week. Sometimes it has turned out great! Sometimes, it has been a flop!! I usually try to cook something in the crockpot or have something that does not require a lot of prep time. Tonight we are having crockpot shredded bbq beef, squash, roasted ranch potatoes and green beans. If I get a chance to run to the store I make the squash into a squash casserole!! 
  So there you go. That is what I like about Tuesdays and Wednesdays!! Most of all I enjoy being with my family and serving the Lord together!!
  Take care and God bless you!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Monday!

Hey! It has been a happy Monday around here! I hope that yours has been as well!
  They finished the flooring in our addition today! it looks like we are almost through. We may possibly be finished by the end of the week, YAAAA!! We are all very excited.
   They also finished work a little early. Since Kevin didn't have a lot to do this afternoon we got to spend some good family time together!! We enjoyed our time with "daddy"!
   I am hoping to use this time of moving things around to purge some of our stuff. As we move room by room I plan on going through everything. There are always high hopes of getting everything "just right" but I am somewhat of clutter bug so just getting it better will be a task!!
   I ordered our Math for next year today! I really like Math U See. This year our Lydia will be joining the official school crew! She loves to "read" already. She will find a book that she likes the cover of and just look at it for a long time,even if there are no pictures. Caleb, our boy, is just the opposite! He is really good with numbers, but give him a book at he looks at it like he doesn't know what in the world it is! He is slowly improving so maybe this year he will take off!
  Well, I'm off to finish our night time routines! Take care and God Bless You!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm still here!

Hey Ya'll ! (ya'll being anyone who still comes to look even though there hasn't been an update in some time:)
 We are busy, busy and the summer has just started! We finished school near the end of May and the children went off to stay with both sets of grandparents. They usually go sometime during the summer but they have never stayed with both in the same trip! They were gone for TWO weeks! except for my little Joy who is not old enough yet and my Lydia who came home after one week. They had a great time but I doubt we will be doing the back to back weeks again. This mama missed her babies too much!
  The home addition is coming along great! We should be painting by the end of the week!! YAY! It has come along WAY faster than we though possible! A man from our church has been coming almost everyday but Sunday and my wonderful husband has been working along his side as much as he can! There have been several other men from the church that have given there time to come and help . The Lord has blessed us with some very faithful friends who are willing to help as much as possible.! I have to say that the last year has led me to see some of the worst in church members and some of the best. God has been so good to us!!
  Our garden has really taken off the last few days. I will be freezing some squash tonight. Hopefully, we will be making a batch of pickles this weekend. we may even get to can some green beans we will have to see the next day or so. We are all excited since it didn't look like the garden was going to do to well. We love our veggies!
  I hope you have a great week!!