Friday, November 16, 2012

  Wow! It is hard to believe it is the middle of November! We have finished school for right now until after Thanksgiving. This year I decided to take a week off from school for the Thanksgiving holiday. Our time off started today with a family photo shoot. We have never been regular about getting pictures taken so it was way overdue! A talented young lady at church has started a photography business Brittany Rose Photography and does a great job. I am excited  to see how they turn out!! After the photo shoot the children played at the park for a while and then we had pizza for lunch. It really was a lot of fun!
  Tonight we are having sloppy joes and homemade curly fries for supper and are playing Monoply Millionaire. It is supposed to be a faster way of playing Monopoly. I am planning on buying a game a week from now until Christmas for us to play on Friday nights. The children will enjoy getting a " surprise" every week and it will build up our game collection as well!! I like having activities we do together that build lasting memories. ( This will be coming out of my grocery budget).
   Tomorrow we will be having a Thanksgiving supper at our church. it will be nice to fellowship and eat together. There are turkeys and hams to bake and gravy to make. I will be the green lady tomorrow as I will be taking broccoli  casserole with jalapenos and broccoli salad. The broccoli casserole w/jalapenos is a recipe I tried while a guest at someones home. I really liked it. The broccoli salad is a request from Kevin. Hey, if he is happy I am definitely a winner!!! All of the ladies bring side dishes so I know we will have lots of yummy food!!
   On Sunday we will be having a visiting missionary for lunch. I am still thinking about what to fix for that :).
    I will leave with the recipe for Cheesesteak Sloppy Joes.

                           Cheesesteak Sloppy Joes
                       1 lb. of hamburger or deer burger
                       bell pepper
                       beef broth
                       streak sauce
                       provolone cheese
      Brown the ground beef with the onions and bell pepper. You can cut these to taste and add as much as you would like. Drain the meat. Add just enough beef broth to cover the meat. add 2 Tbsp. of steak sauce.
Let the meat simmer until most of the liquid is evaporated . Put it on hamburger buns and add provolone  cheese. Our whole family liked these and that's saying a lot!!

Take care and have a blessed weekend!

Friday, November 2, 2012

  Hey! Just wanted to post a little of our last two weeks. We have picked up family, dropped off family, enjoyed time with my mom ( and a little time with my dad),welcomed a new neice who is just adorable,loved on nephews and a sweet sister in law that we rarely see, cooked, cooked, cleaned, had more family in and still found time to do school everyday!! It has kept me on my toes a little more than normal.
  The children and I have been battling sinuses and colds this week. It has been wonderful to be able to stay at home and do school while still being able to rest some if needed!! With the cooler weather we have also been able to run the fireplace in the mornings which makes for a cozy spot to have my devotions and read with the children throughout the day.
   I have come across two recipes in the last two weeks that we really enjoyed. One was  "cheesesteak" sloppy joes and the other was taco casserole. I will try to post the recipes in the next day or so.
   Today we are having canned chicken noodle soup for lunch. After only getting three hours of sleep last night due to being so stopped up it sure does sound yummy and easy. I will probably take a small nap a little later to give me an extra boost. -)
   My aunt and cousin and her family are down and will join us for supper tonight . We are having chili and monterey jack cheesy cornbread. Maybe we can whip up a dessert as well.
   I cannot close without sharing some special blessings. On Sunday night our church had a fellowship meal after the service. Kevin and I were blessed by a card for me ,signed by the ladies of our church, and one for him signed by the men.. A sweet young lady also made us a beautiful cake!! Not only was it pretty, it tasted really good too :) God has been so good to me!! Salvation was the greatest gift He has given me and along the way He has added so much more!! Have a blessed weekend!