Tuesday, December 13, 2011


 It has been sometime since my last post so I thought I would stop and say " Hello".
We had a children's Christmas play at our church this weekend. It turned out good!
It was my first shot at Director!  I was surrounded by several ladies who became my "brain" checking to make sure we had what we needed and reminding me if anything slipped my mind. That is so nice since something Always slips my mind. I am definitely a scatter brain!!
 Now, I am getting ready for my family to come on Friday for our Christmas get together. I am looking forward to being with my parents, my brother and his family,and my sister and her family. I love having them in our home with all the cooking, cleaning,and loving and laughing that goes into it!! Not having them close by makes me cherish our time together all the more!!
 Sooo, for the next few days the children and I are in overdrive!! Cleaning and planning!.
 I pray that all of you have a wonderful Christmas season.