Friday, August 24, 2012

Glad to be back!!

  Hey! We have completed our first full week of school and I have to say I am glad to be back! Back to normal routines and schedules and hopefully some blogging too :). The children seem to be adjusting well and I am slowly working out the kinks to make our days run a little more smoothly. It seems like it usually takes me a little longer to get in a groove when I have a new little one in phonics. Lydia is doing great though!! She loves to learn and feels so grown up being in "real" school. Hannah and Hope are in 6th grade this year! Wow, where does the time go! Faith and Caleb seem to be right on track with there schooling which is good considering the first part is usually a review of the previous year -). Joy has been a different story. She is 2 so we are in the middle of  all kinds of training. A friend of mine who also happens to be a veteran home  schooler gave me some tips on some things to keep her entertained so I will be putting together a "busy" box tomorrow. Even though our days are full there is still time for hugs and laughs and good times together!
  Tomorrow will be an unusually not busy day so the children and I and maaayybe daddy will be going on a little shopping outing in the afternoon. All of us are looking forward to it!
  Tonight we had homemade pizza for supper then the children rode their bikes outside while Kevin and I sat on the tailgate of his truck and watched. It was so nice just to sit outside together in the nice weather and enjoy the family. I did ride a bike for a few minutes just to give the children some entertainment ha ha!!
  On Sunday we are having Missions Sunday at the church. We will be having the preacher and his wife over for lunch. I know what I am cooking for the meal but am still undecided on the dessert. On Sunday night we will be having a missionary and then an international supper. Since I grew up around Mexican food that is usually what I take but this year and i am looking for something a little different. I love to try new foods so I am really looking forward to it!
   We'll that's it for now! Take care!!