Friday, March 16, 2012


Soo what do the only boy and the baby girl do when their sisters are gone for the day???

He pushes her in her car!

She plays with sidewalk chalk

He shoots his mama with his water gun:)
 They also got to go out to eat!!! No pictures of that but we had a good time. Have a blessed weekend!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Monday!

 It was a happy Monday! I am glad to be starting another week. Lord willing, this will be a very productive week with lots of loving,learning,playing and working!
 Today Kevin was gone to a preacher's fellowship meeting so it was just the children and I all day. We had a little school and play in the morning and ham biscuits( the ham was leftover from lunch yesterday) with mac n cheese for lunch. Then the Joy went down for a nap while the others finished school. Lydia does"school" too :). I cleaned the kitchen and loaded the dishwasher for the second time since i went to bed on Sunday night with dirty dishes in the sink :(. Not good, I know, but I was really tired after supper and everyone else was not ready for bed yet so I left it all and went to bed.
 The children really enjoyed being outside in the wonderful weather we are having and I was able to get my linen closet cleaned out and straightened back up. For supper we had pancakes!! It was a fun meal for us to have. Some of the pancakes were chocolate chip. Yummy!!
 Kevin got home during devotions so he was able to pray with all of us and give hugs and kisses before the children went to bed. I have been blessed with a wonderful family and I was reminded once again today of how precious the time I have with them is!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Laundry and Slumber Party

 We have had a good week around here. My mom was with us a couple of days so we really enjoyed that! We had the normal school, cooking,cleaning and washing of clothes. There was only one thing missing from that list.... putting away of the clothes!! I just kept washing them and piling them up in my room:(. Soo, on Friday afternoon while Kevin was gone to do some preaching, in the prisons with Rock of Ages Prison ministry, I decided to attack the laundry monster! It took about 4 hrs. all together(there is ALWAYS more to wash when there are 8 people in a house) but by the time I went to bed the "monster" had been conquered !! It was such a good feeling for my room to be back to normal.
 Last night the children had a slumber party in our living room. They had so much fun! They pulled out the sofa bed and a couple of them slept in the recliners. They ate ice cream and watched a movie. Now I wish I would have gotten a picture. I know that these are memories I will cherish later on when they are grown and gone.
 Today was a restful day for all of us. I cleaned out my pantry closet with the help of Caleb and Lydia. They thought it was so fun to pull out all of the food. It looks much better!! For lunch we had quesadillas with salsa, guacamole and chips. For supper we had shrimp fried rice and corn on the cob! The children had there baths and got in the bed early. With the time changing tomorrow I wanted to be running ahead.
 Well, the kitchen is clean and clothes are laid out for tomorrow. I am going to bed early too. Tomorrow will be a busy day. I enjoy Sundays and I am looking forward to a great Lord's Day!! I pray that you will have one as well!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weight loss update week 2

 OK! This week I lost .7 lbs. I have got to get this thing in high gear!! I am going low carb this week in hopes of jump starting this weightloss! It is bad when you don't feel good in your clothes no matter what you are wearing!!  This is something that I can change and I am determined to do so!


 It is wierd to be posting on a Sunday morning. I am home with a sick little girl. We went home to NC for a funeral on Fri. and came home on Sat. Our Lydia (lele) woke up sick on Saturday morning and was sick the whole day even on the 6 hr drive home. That 6 is normally 4 1/2 hrs. I did my best to make her comfortable. She had her pillow,blanket,trash can, and paper towels. Poor girl!! She is some better today. Now to see if she can eat something. Praying this virus is gone gone gone!!
 I bought a frozen lasagna at Sam's last week. After such a busy weekend that will be the perfect lunch along with a salad .
My mom was able to come back with us for a few days. I hope we stay well so that we can enjoy our time with her! Every time we go back and see our family we are reminded of how much we miss seeing them on a regular basis.
 Have a wonderful Lord's Day!