Friday, April 13, 2012

Exciting news!

  It's Friday and we are having a great day! We started the day with school . We are winding down for the year. Yay! My favorite times of the school year are the beginning and the end. :) Then we divided the rooms between all of us and did some "house blessing" It makes the weekend much more relaxing. Speaking of the weekend it looks like the girls and I may get to go yardsaling in the morning! It will be our first Saturday outing of the year. I always enjoy yardsales because you never know what you might find.
  We are excited about the garden we were able to plant. We had to cover our plants the last 2 nights because of some late frost. Lord willing they will be just fine and we will have the harvest we are looking for.
  The good news.. we are getting a home addition! This is such an answer to prayer and a huge blessing to our family. The Lord has blessed us with a great church who is making this possible for us!! i really can't quite believe it is real until the work starts:). I'm sure our summer holds lots of work, but it will be SO worth it!I will try to post pictures of the addition as it comes along. I don't know about you ,but it doesn't matter how long I pray about something I am always amazed and humbled when God answers my prayers. He loves me as small as I am!
   Have a great weekend!!


Monday, April 9, 2012

It's Monday!

  Hello! I trust you had a great Easter Sunday Ours was very good. We had a good morning service at our church. There was no traditional ham feast at our house. I had a rough night on saturday and wasn't able to prepare the ham. Kevin was so kind to get us McDonalds for lunch. We had a restful afternoon and I started our supper. We had a joint service that night with some local like minded churches. The service was a blessing and I enjoyed getting to see and talk to some dear friends. After church my sister nad her family came over and we had a joint supper of what I had cooked that afternoon and leftovers from her lunch with her husbands family. I enjoyed sitting under the carport and talking with her while the children played outside.
  Today has been great! We have done school and started spring cleaning. I am amazed at how much I was able to accomplish today. The kitchen was my starting point.The children all helped by starting the process in the living room. The house smelled very fresh until  I started our supper of enchiladas and spanish rice. It smelled good but it was definitely a different smell -).
Our Family!
  Now I am going outside to play some volleyball with my family. Have a blessed night!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Naomi Joy!

 Today our baby girl, Naomi Joy, turned 2! Naomi Joy has lived up to her name. Noami- happiness and lots of Joy. before she was born we had several names that we liked and couldn't really decide on one. I had gestational diabetes so they began doing an ultrasound every week to monitor her growth in case of early delivery ( not likely in my case) or her getting to large for a safe delivery. during one of my ultrasounds she smiled! Yes, really! We have the picture too :). We then decided to name her Naomi Joy. Whether the smile was REAL or not is up to bebate but it is a sweet memory for me!! She loves to talk. She also loves to make you laugh by saying and doing funny things. She is a mess :).
 It has been a fun day for all of us. We planted the garden. YAY! and then we went to the park this afternoon. We picked up Little Ceasars pizza and had cake. She really enjoyed opening her gifts and cards. She was so sweet getting excited over every little thing.
 I thank the Lord for daily blessings on me!!
Joy     (picture by Brittany Watson)