Saturday, February 25, 2012

Weight Loss Update Week 1

 Well this has been a great week !! I lost 1.7 lbs. I know this doesn't sound like much,but we were in a missions meeting this week and ate very delicious cooking by the ladies of our church :). Hopefully next week will be lots better!!
 The spiritual benefits from this week far out weigh the physical! What am I doing that will spread the Good News of Jesus Christ? It could be surrendering to go to a foreign country or witnessing to a neighbour or the lady at the cash register or teaching my children about Jesus and praying every day for their salvation!
 Just a thought :  If my children see me telling people about Jesus or giving a gospel tract will it make them more likely to want to tell others about Him too? 
 Have a wonderful Lord's Day tomorrow!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Getting Ready for Our Missions Meeting!

 Today will be a busy day! We are starting a missions meeting at our church tomorrow. Yesterday, I got the church all cleaned and ready while Kevin (my husband) cleaned the fellowship hall. Last week, he and a brother from church painted the fellowship hall so he was mostly cleaning paint "stuff". They did a great job! Kevin also painted our hallway here at the house! Yaaa! After 10 yrs. of wear and tear by little ones it NEEDED it!
 Today, I will be getting the house and study ( the place where the preacher will stay) ready for the week! I am going to try to have all the laundry caught up so that I can get all of our outfits ready for the week. I don't know why I have never done this.?? I usually just get it ready every day. I think it will help things run a little smoother.
 It looks like there is a stomach bug making it's way through our family:(( Lord willing, it is on it's way out!!
 Our days will be filled with cleaning,school,lunch w/the preacher and his wife,more cleaning, supper w/the preacher and his wife and a family or 2 from the church, getting everyone ready and then we get to go to church!! I always enjoy going to church so these special meetings are an extra blessing!
 Some things will be easier this week. I will be fixing lunches every day for us and the missionary, but the ladies from our church will be cooking the suppers so that will free up some time in the afternoons. The ladies in our church are such a blessing!!
 I love missions and missionaries! I am looking for the Lord to stir my heart this week!
  I pray that you have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Sweet Kitchen Helper

Every time I am working in the kitchen she pulls over her chair and "helps" me!
I love it!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Weight loss goals

Ok, so I want to start posting about my weightloss goals and achievements. Not that anybody else will be that interested in it, but I would like to hold myself a little more accountable!
 I will be turnung 30 on May 6 so I thought it would be fun to see if I can lose 30lbs. by the time I'm 30!!
I am not very fond of having my picture made,but I am going to try and have my picture taken every other week so that I can see the changes. A picture is worth a thousand words to so I know it will help motivate me!! I will try to post a picture of me now sometime in the next day or so. I will also tell a little about what I am eating. I will probably not tell my weight but only post the # of lbs lost. You will probably be able to guess by my pictures. :)
Take care!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

It's Been Forever!

 Wow! It has been a long time since I posted anything on this blog!! Things around here are going good. I am going to try to post about some of things going on around here and in my life personally. Hopefully, that will include more pictures of my sweet children. They are growing up so fast!
 I am also going to write about my weight loss goals,some menu and pantry plans,some decorating ideas and maybe even share some of the things that God is teaching me through His word.
 Talk to ya soon!