Saturday, February 16, 2013


  What a day! Whew! It has been busy but also lots of fun! We started off the morning by doing some minor straightening of the house. Mostly because the children sleep in the family room on Friday nights and watch a movie.Last night they had a mini marathon of the old cartoon Duck Tales :).Then " the girls" cleaned a little of the prophet's room ( a place where preachers and missionaries can stay when they come through).
  We had some friends come by for lunch and some fellowship on their way to NC for a meeting on Sunday. They couldn't stay too long because of snow in the forecast where they were going. We had Little Ceasars pizza and chips for lunch.It was good to spend some time with them!!
  After a little while we went over and cleaned the church and put up the flags for our Missions meeting that starts tomorrow. We came back home and put the finishing touches on the prophet's room . We relaxed a little and stared out the window for snow. Well, we didn't see much of that :( There is some yucky rain that has fallen and it is supposed to be freezing tonight. Lord willing the roads will stay clear so that we will be able to have services tomorrow.
  We were very excited to welcome a missionary family back that we have seen grow up, get married, have children and serve the Lord on a foreign mission field! We enjoyed re meeting their sweet little boy and twin girls. We had vegetable soup and crackers for supper and Hope made us some yummy chocolate cupcakes with oreo frosting for dessert. We enjoyed talking about their family and ministry and old times :)
  After they left, we cleaned up the kitchen, everyone got baths and watched one more Duck tales ;)
 Everyone is in the bed now and I am going to take my shower and follow shortly!
 God bless you and I hope you have a wonderful Lord's Day tomorrow!!

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