Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Happy Dishes!

That sounds kind of funny doesn't it! :-)  We have started a new dishes system at our house and it is working well! Our 3 oldest girls, Hannah, Hope and Faith, and I are taking turns doing the dishes for a day. Monday is Hannah's day, Tuesday is Hope's day, Wednesday is Faith's Day then the rotation starts again. My day is Sunday . Ok, so I know this sounds soo unfair. WHAT they have two days and I only have one!!! Well, the thing is that every night after supper, if they have kept up with loading the dishwasher and running it, I help them with the supper dishes. See, I'm not such a bad person ;) I do Sundays because it is kind of an odd day  as far as the kitchen goes so I thought it would be better to take that day. It has worked well and all 4 of us have enjoyed our "break" from dishes when it is not our day!! Just for fun we made up a song which even Joy sings to the "lucky" person of the day :-)

                     "Happy dishes to you
                      Happy dishes to you
                      We hope you can clean theeeeeem
                      Happy dishes to you"
 It is a silly song and it always brings a smile to our face.


  1. How cute! Who does the big ones? Does the person of the day do those too? Happy Friday!
    Love ya, Susan

  2. Yes, since it us "big" girls :) I do help at supper so if something is too big I usually help then. Love you too!!