Friday, July 5, 2013


  So I was working around the house today and I was thinking," Hey, maybe I could start a blog" then I came to the computer and realized I ALREADY have a blog!! Not really, I am only kidding! -:)  It has been a REALLY long time since I  have posted anything on here. I really like reading other people's blogs and I like to write about our lives too but when I sit down to write I feel at a loss for words! If you know me you know that I am very seldom lost for words whether they come out right or not ;) You see I really don't count myself as REALLY good at anything. I don't say that in a "praise me" attitude at all!! I really like to save money and shop at thrift stores and keep life simple but then I may turn around and do something completely unexpected and spend some money foolishly or buy something new or go out to eat or go to a theme park with the children or maybe even get my hair and nails done on the same day!! Well, maybe not the nails since I keep them very short :) but you get what I mean! -:) I am just a normal wife, mama and child of God!  
  Sometimes I do good and sometimes I fall but God is so faithful to pick me back up and then I start again! Rain or shine I have been blessed with a wonderful physical and spiritual family and I will try to give you a peek into our lives through this blog!
  Sooo, here we go again! I will try to post some pictures of the family and about days of our lives here and there with a little homeschooling and cooking in the mix as well! If I find a way to save some money or come across an idea that is a help to me I will share it with you too!
  Talk to you again soon!!

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